Climate Champions - Race to Zero
Climate Champions - Race to Zero

Discover how the 500 largest members of Race to Zero are taking climate action

Racing to a better world

Under the leadership of Race to Zero’s Partners, Race to Zero members form the largest, global alliance of non-state actors committed to taking rigorous and immediate action to halve global emissions by 2030 and deliver a healthier, fairer net zero world.

Understanding the criteria

Race to Zero criteria requires members to Pledge, Plan, Proceed, Publish and Persuade. These criteria apply to all members, who join Race to Zero through Partner initiatives. The Partners manage the operationalisation of these criteria by their members.

Transparently tracking progress

This data explorer provides transparency on the top 500 members of Race to Zero who collectively represent 28.8% of the total publicly listed companies by market capitalization and their progress across the 4 ‘P’ criteria of the campaign: pledge, plan, proceed and publish. ‘Persuade’ the new criteria on aligning external policy and engagement with net zero will be added in the future.

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